This portfolio showcases images of various players competing throughout the seasons in a web size lower resolution; However contact the Media & Publicity Officer or Secretary to obtain a full resolution file suitable for printing to poster size or even larger. The Association charges a nominal $2. fee per file, which is put to good use – as per our objectives – to promote the game.

WDBSA Division 1 CoC photos

Photos of WDBSA Division 2 CHAMPION of CHAMPIONS Match 2020 held at Blacktown Workers Club November 26th and The Marconi Club December 3rd. The winner of the billiards is Shawali Masudi of Wenty Leagues and runner-up Andy Nguyen of Rooty Hill RSL.

The Division 3 Shootout photos Rnd 1 – Blacktown Workers Club November 19th

Let’s build something long overdue – Together.

The W.D.B.S.A. Joe Minici Cup Division 1 – Billiards – Champion of Champions

What a loverly bunch of Billiards and snooker supporters

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